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RODHER investments, Inc.
Terminals & Tank Farms
RODHER has conducted many projects involving pipeline, tank farm, terminal, and loading and unloading operations. These projects range from evaluating facility siting, conducting fire consequence analysis, compliance reviews to industry and regulatory codes, and new facility design projects

RODHER has specialized process safety services for the energy, environmental, infrastructure, and emergency response markets. In addition to the extensive experience in incident investigation PHA, HazOp, HAZID, LOPA, QRA, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments, Risk Engineering, Incident Investigation & Explosion Hazards. 
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Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
Our engineers have provided fire protection and process safety support to a number of basic and specialty chemical plants. This has included developing and implementing process safety programs, conducting process hazard analysis, audits, and training
RODHER refinery experience includes project design, fire protection system analysis, process safety management program implementation, process hazards analysis, audits, training, and technical support to refinery staff. Our projects have involved nearly every type of refinery process unit