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RODHER investments, Inc.
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About RODHER investments, Inc.
RODHER provides premier project management, life safety and fire protection and logistic services to private-sector clients in a wide array of industries, including the energy, environmental, infrastructure, and emergency response markets.

RODHER consultants have specified, designed, and tested hundreds of active and passive emergency systems for onshore and offshore facilities and special applications. These have included Safety Instrumented Systems; Emergency Shutdown Systems; fire and gas detection systems; firewater supplies; fire pumps and fire main distribution systems; sprinkler, water spray deluge, and firefighting foam systems. as required by International and American codes & Standards: (MARPOL, IMO, ISO 13702, NFPA, Life and Life Safety Code of Practice, SFPA hand book of fire protection engineering, British Standards, IBC and the ICC).

Since 2000, RODHER has specialized process safety services for the energy, environmental, infrastructure, and emergency response markets. In addition to the extensive experience in incident investigation PHA, HazOp, HAZID, LOPA, QRA, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments, Risk Engineering, Incident Investigation & Explosion Hazards. We had participated with clients during Stage Gate Reviews at the end of key project stages FEED & EPC Projects to ensure that Safety (process safety & occupational safety), Health, and Environmental (SHE), risks have been identified, and compliant with company policy, international standards and governments requirements: (USA FERC, High Commissioning Industrial of Security (HCIS) of KSA, etc.). And Appropriate engineering and operational measures have been or can be developed to control the identified risks

RODHER has specialized in the provision of logistic provider and project management services for: pipeline, storage tanks, pressure vessels and fire protection system, and other requirements. Our biggest strengths are designing and supply fire detection and oil spill prevention as well as Toolkit and personal protective equipment to upstream, midstream, and downstream customers in the oil and gas industry throughout the world. 

We place considerable emphasis on developing our capabilities in line with the needs of our clients by placing them at the center of our operations.

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